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Notranjski muzej Postojna, Kolodvorska cesta 3, 6230 Postojna


From the motorway, Postojna is accessible in several ways: via the exit Postojna (41): from the direction Ljubljana – Koper (A1); from the direction Sežana – Italy (E61 joins A1 at Gabrk), from the direction Nova Gorica – Italy by the express road (to the toll station Nanos by H4, then by the motorway A1 in the direction of Ljubljana). By the regional road from the direction of Ljubljana (R2-409), from Nova Gorica (first R2 – 444 we continue to R2 – 409), from Sežana (first R2-445 we continue to R2-409), from Koper (R2-409) and from the direction of Ilirska Bistrica by the main road (G1-6).

The main bus station is located near the town centre. Bus connections link Postojna to bigger Slovenian towns and neighbouring municipalities. There are also some regular connections within the municipality.

The railway station Postojna is located approximately 1 km from the town centre. The arrival by train is possible from the directions of Ljubljana (and Austria), Ilirska Bistrica (and Croatia), Divača, Koper and Sežana (and Italy).

The airport of Postojna (local people mostly call it the airport of Rakitnik) is located around 3 kilometres south-west from Postojna. It is intended for sport and tourist airplanes with the total weight not exceeding 5,700 kg. Airplanes belonging to the EU member states can land at the airport, but it is necessary to make a prior landing at an international airport (Ljubljana, Maribor or Portorož) and only after announcing the flight and gaining permission is it possible to land in Postojna (Rakitnik).

Za obiskovalce


Physically challenged
People in wheelchairs have access to the museum from the parking lot to the left side entrance, where the ramp is. All exhibition spaces are accessible by lift. Toilets are on the ground floor of the museum.
People with physical disabilities have a free entry to the museum.

Visually impaired
The museum is equipped with a tactile trace and various tactile replicas.


The appointed groups can visit the museum outside of working hours. Groups can choose from interactive guided visits, family guided visits and workshops.

Group bookings can be made on the following telephone numbers: 00386 (0)41-313-179 or 00386 (0)5-72-11-090.

The holder of the KARST MUSEUM exhibition is the Notranjska Museum Postojna.

The KARST MUSEUM exhibition was created within the project The Adriatic‘s museums enrich cultural tourism - Museumcultour.