Dear teachers,

When we were making programmes for schools, we wanted to adapt to the curriculum and the »learning is a game« principle as much as possible. School groups will therefore be able to attain holistic understanding of the karst world, from the formation of the karst phenomena, fauna, flora, karst caves to people's lives in the karst areas. The programmes are made with cross-curricular integration of history, the Slovenian language, geography, logic and mathematics.

PERMANENT PEDAGOGICAL PROGRAMMES will start after the opening of the exhibition, whereas prior to its opening, in January 2015, you can attend the expert guided MUSEUM IN PROGRESS, where children will have a unique opportunity to learn about the processes of designing and setting up a new permanent exhibition. You can also select the MUSEUM ON VISIT programme, where the museum educationalist carries out a workshop at your facility.

Before the visit with the class, we encourage you to visit us on your own. With a personal presentation of the programme we wish to improve both its implementation as well as understanding of such an important phenomenon that is our karst.

You are kindly invited to explore karst!

During the ice ages

Do you know how people lived in the old stone age? What animals did walk in the karst then? How did today's karst look like? Visit us and don't miss the stories about life during the the ice ages.

  • Primary school 2/3
  • Admission: 3 €
  • Duration: 120 minutes (by arrangement)
  • Already available during the setting up of the permanent exhibiton

Caving adventure in the museum

With the help of a caving diary and maps you will help Leo, the cave explorer to find the Proteus – where did he lose it? The cave explorer Leo will join you on the unforgettable adventure, during which you will explore and discover basic karstological phenomena.

  • Kindergarten, primary school 1/2
  • Admission: 3 €
  • Duration: 120 minutes (by arrangement)

Meet the two »girls«, Flora and Fauna of the Green karst

Did you ever wonder how stalagmites or stalactites are formed, what is the life like in the underworld and what magic is hidden in the karst world? Learn about what is the nature like in our area. Visit us in the museum and meet Flora and Fauna of the Green karst.

  • Primary school 1/2/3
  • Admission: 3 €
  • Duration: 120 minutes (by arrangement)

How they lived in the karst

At the exhibition we will learn about the customs and habits of the karst. We will also examine how a man lived in the karst, what were his days like and how did he pass the time.

  • Primary school 1/2/3
  • Admission: 3 €
  • Duration: 120 minutes (by arrangement)


Tina Poljšak

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Truly welcome!

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The holder of the KARST MUSEUM exhibition is the Notranjska Museum Postojna.

The KARST MUSEUM exhibition was created within the project The Adriatic‘s museums enrich cultural tourism - Museumcultour.