About museum

About museum

The first idea of the karst museum was born in 1908. The former Cave Commission proposed that the building, which had been upgraded to meet the needs of political offices, should be turned into the Cave Museum. This proposal was followed by Ivan Andrej Perko's initiative in 1912 to open the Scientific Cave Museum.

The efforts of many people have begun to actualise in 1947 with Leo Vilhar's idea to establish a museum and finally realised in 1949 by naming the museum into the Notranjska Museum. Most of the time, with interruptions until 1995, the museum operated in an old mansion in the middle of the town, in today's Karst Research Institute - ZRC SAZU. In 2011, the museum obtained a new facility on Kolodvorska cesta 3, in the old premises of the garrison headquarters, which have the status of a cultural monument of local importance.

In addition to Postojna Cave, Vivarium and Karst Research Institute, Postojna will get the last in a series of karst institutions by setting up the Karst Museum exhibition Postojna. Zavod Znanje Postojna (Knowledge Institute Postojna) gained 704,254.00 EUR of non-refundable funds from the IPA Adriatic programme for the exhibition's design, installation and accompanying events. This cross-border programme approved 85% of the funds, state budget 10% and the Municipality of Postojna 5%.


Archaeology department

Archaeology department is the oldest and largest department in the Notranjska Museum Postojna. It has recorded thousands of objects from all archaeological periods, mainly from the Notranjska region and the Trieste karst. After employing an archaeologist in 1955, the museum planned to acquire objects, systematically edit them, document and study, primarily with protected archaeological excavations.

Alma Bavdek, museum consultant, B.A. (university degree in archaeology)

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Biology department

In this department we collect and process floristic and faunal data, based on which we perform systematic and conservation-based expertise for the Notranjska region. The main attention is paid to the cave (subterranean) fauna and inventory of most animal groups living in the Slovenian caves.

Slavko Polak, M.A., museum consultant

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Ethnology department

This department professionally operates since 1992 and has prepared temporary exhibitions also outside the museum. Ethnological heritage in the museum is represented by the objects in the field of physical as well as social and spiritual culture. The focus of this department is an identity of a man, who has lived on the karst ground.«

Magda Peršič, museum consultant, B.A. (university degree in ethnology)

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History department

In relation to its mission, history department obtains objects, photographic and other documentary materials, which were made and/ or have been used in the area of five Notranjska municipalities, mainly from the 19th century to the present day. According to the importance and number of materials, those related to the history of Postojna and Postojna Cave stand out the most.

Alenka Čuk, museum consultant, B.A. (university degree in history)

Nadja Adam, an independent museum archivist

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Conservation and restoration departament

Conservation and restoration departament is the youngest department in the Notranjska Museum, operating since 1998. It deals with the conservation and restoration of objects of movable cultural heritage and documents conservation and restoration procedures.

Peter Križman, an associate for conservation and restoration

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Pedagogical programme

Tina Poljšak

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The holder of the KARST MUSEUM exhibition is the Notranjska Museum Postojna.

The KARST MUSEUM exhibition was created within the project The Adriatic‘s museums enrich cultural tourism - Museumcultour.